For most men who follow Jesus, there comes a time when duty extends beyond our own lives, beyond how we lead our families, and into how we serve our fellow man. That's what the Knights of Columbus is all about. The Patriotic Degree allows K of C members to take this one step further. "Sir Knight" is more than a title — it’s an honor.

Standing Firm in Support of the Order

Dedicated to the personal development and continued honor of brother Knights. We are always there to offer leadership, guidance, and encouragement.

Proudly Serving the Country

Knights of the Patriotic Degree glorify God by serving our communities and nations as though Christ were the one being served.

Unwavering Support of the Faith

Holds unwaveringly to what is right and honorable, working to keep God in the civic arena, serving the life of the Church, and defending laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.

Honoring the Legacy of Knighthood

The Color Corps is an elective division of the Patriotic Degree that presents a visible reminder of our service to the community.

About Us

Monsignor Lieux Assembly 2052 is composed of 4th Degree Sir Knights from the following Councils: St. John the Evangelist (8342), St. Mark (8147), St. Theresa (2657), St. Gabriel (3796), St. Amant (6389) and Blessed Eugene in French Settlement (6753).

Our Faithful Navigator is S/K Harold Jarreau. We currently have about  150 Sir Knights on our roster. Our Honor Guard/Color Corps is very active and the Corps Co-Commanders are Randy Millet and Tommy Ruemker. We are also honored to have the Former Master for the State of Louisiana and Former Vice Supreme Master for the Bienville Provence, Russell Ruh, as a member of our Assembly.

Meeting Date and Location

The Assembly business meeting is on the first Monday of each month. The meeting is normally held at the St. Amant Knights of Columbus Hall on Black Bayou Road starting at 7:00 p.m.

Why Join?

The Knights of Columbus is the worlds largest Catholic family fraternal service organization with almost 2 million members. It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people. The core values of the Knights of Columbus are charity, fraternity, unity and patriotism. Any Third Degree member in good financial standing is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree.

Ready to serve. Ready to be the change.

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07 November 2023
07 November 2023
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